General managers

Greystone Hotels San Francisco Portfolio Welcomes Two New General Managers 

2019-01-15 05:47:24 +0100 | Source: Hotel Online

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (January 15, 2019) – Greystone Hotels announces the appointment of Michaela Winn as General Manager of the King George Hotel and the promotion of Brian Barden to Area General Manager of both... Read more

General Managers: Bridging the Gap Between Hotel Owners and Operators

2019-01-09 17:33:52 +0100 | Source: Hotel Online

By Demian Hodari, Michael Turner and Michael Sturman In the final article in a three-part series on the evolving relationship between hotel owners and operators, EHL professor Demian Hodari and his co-researchers... Read more

Switzerland’s Valsana Hotel & Apartments Appoints Michael and Stephanie Lehnort as Joint General Managers

2018-09-04 18:52:06 +0200 | Source: Hotel Online

(New York, NY - September 2018) - Following it’s opening in December 2017, Valsana Hotel & Apartments has appointed Michael and Stephanie Lehnort as joint General Managers.  The Valsana is one of the most... Read more