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Hospitality industry expansion is being fueled by alternatives | By Prakash Shukla

2016-12-28 02:18:30 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

The hospitality industry is undergoing seismic changes with consolidation and disruption. Prakash Shukla believes the industry is at a crossroads of significant disruptive changes, being driven by new business... Read more

Spanish Hotel Executive: Trump Looked Into Buying Cuban Hotels

2016-12-27 13:24:28 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

The business organization of the US President-elect, Donald Trump, was looking into buying hotels in Cuba as recently as six months ago, according to a report by, which cites a top Spanish hotel executive.... Read more

Hotel to be constructed at UK’s only tropical rainforest

2016-12-27 13:06:58 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

Since the UK's famous Eden Project opened in 2001, more than 18 million people have visited the Cornwall's most visited attraction: a pair of striking biomes, housing an indoor rainforest as well as 1,000... Read more

With 65 Projects, New York Leads US Cities in Hotel Growth

2016-12-27 12:51:21 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

As goes New York City, so goes the rest of the United States. This is true with so many things, and it seems to be particularly true this year with hotel growth. New York currently has 65 new hotel development... Read more

STR: US hotel results for week ending 17 December

2016-12-27 05:33:55 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

The U.S. hotel industry recorded positive results in the three key performance metrics during the week of 11-17 December 2016, according to data from STR.In year-over-year comparisons, the industry's occupancy... Read more

Renaissance Hotels Joins Forces with Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water to Debut Signature Beverage Experiences

2016-12-27 05:29:41 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

Renaissance Hotels, the global lifestyle brand known for helping travelers to experience business unusual on the road, has joined forces with iconic Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water to bring visitors,... Read more

The Exe Danube Budapest 4* opens, the second Grupo Hotusa hotel in the capital of Hungary

2016-12-27 05:25:05 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

Eurostars Hotel Company, the hotel area of Grupo Hotusa, has just opened the Exe Danube Budapest 4*, its second hotel in the capital of Hungary after the Eurostars Budapest Center 4*, and the first one belonging to... Read more

Top UAE Universities to Participate in Young Designers Award at 'The Ajman Palace Hotel Wedding Fair’

2016-12-27 05:14:41 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

Fashion design students from leading universities in the United Arab Emirates have confirmed participation in Young Designers Award at The Ajman Palace Hotel Wedding Fair taking place from 11th to 13th January in... Read more

Should We be Concerned About ADR? | By Trevor Stuart-Hill

2016-12-27 05:07:30 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

Projections for 2017 and beyond by STR, CBRE and PKF all call for anemic occupancy growth at best, notwithstanding record occupancy levels for the U.S. hospitality industry. With Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR)... Read more

Are Tattoos Taboo In Hospitality? | By Larry Mogelonsky

2016-12-27 05:07:03 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

This is a topic you should definitely review with your HR director. Does a sentence appear in your hiring policy to specify whether or not a candidate is permitted to have any visible tattoos? Or, while unwritten,... Read more

Case Study: Breaking down barriers between a Hotel and its F&B franchise | By Kelli Carucci

2016-12-27 05:06:37 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

When it comes to thinking broadly about food and beverage, hoteliers can either opt to supervise and operate their F&B programs internally or they can work with a partner who will manage the culinary branding. This... Read more

Study finds travellers including expenses already included in hotel rates |

2016-12-27 05:05:46 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

Research from HRS and GBTA found that companies are paying double rates for the extras that have already been negotiated with suppliers as travellers are including them in expense reports. In most of the cases, it is... Read more

Britain's first underground hotel will treat guests like troglodytes, councillors say |

2016-12-27 05:04:39 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

A plan to build Britain's first underground hotel has angered councillors in London's West End who claim guests will be treated like “a bunch of troglodytes”. Permission was granted last month for developers to... Read more

This Subscription Service Finds You the World’s Best Hotels (And Offers Serious Perks) |

2016-12-27 04:59:05 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

When it comes to traveling, your accommodations will inevitably account for a huge chunk of your expenses. So why settle for a run-of-the-mill stay in a chain hotel? If you’re not into Airbnb, there’s still a way... Read more

The Most Anticipated Hotel Openings of 2017 |

2016-12-27 04:55:01 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

A hotel can make or break a trip—choose poorly and even the best day on the town begins to turn sour as the evening creeps in and you’re faced with returning to a tiny, sterile room with fluorescent lighting and... Read more

As the bartender buzzed and whirred, the martini was shaken, not stirred | By David Sjolander

2016-12-27 04:53:15 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

Robots taking over certain roles in the hospitality industry is not a question of “if”, writes David Sjolander of HTNG, but of “how” and “when”. But they will interfere with the human interaction we... Read more

The end of the PBX as we know it | By David Maayani

2016-12-27 04:50:20 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

Times were good for the PBX department, recalls GrayMatter Networks’ David Maayani. “We were the darlings of the IT crowd. Guests made phone calls, we generated healthy revenue margins while covering our costs... Read more

HOTELS Magazine Names Nihiwatu Managing Partner James McBride Independent Hotelier of the World for 2016

2016-12-23 01:40:36 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

HOTELS magazine hosted its annual Hotelier of the World Awards at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, where Editor-In-Chief Jeff Weinstein announced James McBride, Managing Partner of Nihiwatu, was voted... Read more

Louvre buys Sarovar, in first Chinese deal in Indian hotels' space |

2016-12-23 01:05:28 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

France-based Louvre Hotels Group (LHG) has acquired Indian hospitality chain Sarovar Hotels pipping NYSE- listed global hospitality major Wyndham Hotel Group (WHG) following a month-long battle. DNA Money had first... Read more

So much more than “fixers” | By Brenda O'Neil

2016-12-23 00:53:45 +0100 | Source: Hospitalitynet

One of the most common concerns expressed by IT teams is that they are seen as “the people you call when the printer stops working”. Changing the perceptions of IT – from fixer to strategic business partner... Read more