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Advance Planning is Critical to Anticipating and Managing Controversial Groups - By David Trumble

2019-03-15 16:05:47 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

The growing frequency of political protests and counter-demonstrations creates security concerns for event venues, including convention centers, hotels, colleges and university campuses. With the next general election... Read more

HSMAI Celebrates Amy Champagne and Laura Dinu As Hotel Sales Professionals of the Year

2019-03-14 22:17:01 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Amy Champagne, Director of Sales & Catering, Antlers Hotel, will be recognized as the Hotel Sales Professional of the Year in the On-property category. Laura Dinu, Director, Groups & Meetings, Global Sales Americas,... Read more

Humans and AI: How to Improve Guest Services in a New Collaborative Way - By Raj Singh, CEO, Go Moment

2019-03-14 17:57:02 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Its commonly known that assembly line workers often experience burnout from the repetitive, mind-numbing nature of their jobs. In their instance, though, theres not much they can do on the job to battle their burnout... Read more

US Monthly Real GDP Fell in February, First Decline in 40 Months

2019-03-14 17:47:23 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource's February monthly real GDP, USmonthlyGDP, dropped in February by an annualized month-to-month growth rate of 0.3% to $18,846 billion of chained 2012 dollars expressed at seasonally adjusted... Read more

Hospitality Email Marketing is Broken, Here Are 5 Ways to Fix It

2019-03-13 20:44:23 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Weve all experienced it before. Inboxes flooded with excessive amounts of annoying emails, no doubt blasted to every guest who has ever stepped foot in the door or innocently provided their email address online. As... Read more

Hospitality Digital Technology: Challenges, Priorities and Buzzwords - By Max Starkov

2019-03-13 20:41:11 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Todays typical online travel consumer is exposed to more than 38,983 micro-moments in a 60-day timeframe and visits an average of 18 websites via multiple devices across eight sessions before making a hotel booking... Read more

[INFOGRAPHIC] Channel Distribution Strategy - Chain Property V/S Independent Property

2019-03-13 20:26:40 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Hospitality businesses are highly relied upon OTAs to deal with their inventory, online travel agencies play a significant role and are found to be providing properties with real-time information. A core part of this... Read more

Nau Royal Boutique Hotel from Brazil Sees a 30% Boost in Revenue with Hotelogix

2019-03-13 17:56:23 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Hotelogix, a leader in cloud-based Property Management Systems has helped Nau Royal Boutique Hotel and Spa in Brazil witness a 30% increase in its revenue. This substantial growth in its revenue is a result of a 20%... Read more

The Importance of Using LinkedIn Pulse to Build Trust, Awareness and Influence - By Alan E. Young

2019-03-13 17:47:40 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Regardless of the industry, content marketing has long since been touted as one of the key differentiators to a companys long-term success. After all, its one thing to have a great product or offering, but its another... Read more

Triometric Unveils Its Next Generation Data Intelligence Platform to Extend Data Access and Deliver Faster Insights

2019-03-13 17:32:46 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Introducing Trio Version 8 with extensive new functionality added to the core system to deliver a versatile enterprise-grade open data analytics environment with improved data accessibility, availability and real-time... Read more

'Maestro PMS Analytics BI Tool Gives Us the Ability to Target the Right Market with the Right Product at the Right Time'

2019-03-12 19:18:46 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Easy to Use Dashboards Show Room Nights, Revenues, ADR, RevPAR, Pace of Pick-up and Other Data Drivers for Simplified Forecast and Marketing Planning Read more

The Luxus Hotel, Canada Sees a 10% Revenue Growth & 20% More OTA Bookings with Hotelogix

2019-03-12 19:15:10 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Hotelogix, a leader in cloud-based Property Management Systems has announced that the adoption and efficient use of its PMS have helped The Luxus Boutique Hotel in Canada to witness a 10% increase in its revenue. Read more

How Can Your Independent Hotel Compete with Group Hotels

2019-03-12 17:24:32 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Staying competitive is key to success. In the hotel industry, small independent hotels always have to compete with bigger brands or chain properties to attract guests, sell more rooms and to earn more revenues. The... Read more

EZee Becomes an Airbnb Preferred Software Partner

2019-03-12 17:05:54 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Leaving no stone unturned to meet Airbnbs stringent criteria, eZee have attained yet another landmark in their journey of developing and offering the best hospitality technology to the industry by making it to this list. Read more

March Consumer Confidence Falls for a Sixth Month in a Row

2019-03-12 00:47:46 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource earliest and final for the month US consumer confidence fell in March, following today's update of its predictive analytics database, derived from the largest in scope and size national consumer... Read more

Mycloud Hospitality Platform Delivers Exceptional Value with Integrated Channel Manager Offer

2019-03-12 00:38:52 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Prologic First is offering new mycloud hospitality platform customers a superb discount package, including free integrated channel manager, 50% off setup fees and their latest mobile web booking engine absolutely free... Read more

PwC Launches New Tool to Help Organisations Assess Their Workforce Strategy

2019-03-05 00:12:37 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

As organisations prepare for a future world of work that will look vastly different to today, PwC has launched a new tool allowing them to assess the maturity of their workforce strategy and compare it to others in... Read more

Create Helpful Website Content That Relieves Guest Pain Points

2019-03-04 21:51:57 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Here are two examples of hotel website content that helps solve problems and relieves guest pain points: Read more

U.S. Lodging Outlook Good Through 2020

2019-03-04 21:44:39 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Economic Blip Causes Slowdown In 2021 Before Returning to Positive Growth for 2022, According to Hotel Horizons® March 2019 Edition Read more

Onyx CenterSource Launches Breakthrough Hospitality Business Insights Platform

2019-03-04 21:19:45 +0100 | Source: Hotel News Resource

Onyx CenterSource today introduced a full suite of analytic data services designed to assist its clients across the industry in boosting earnings by optimizing their distribution strategies. Read more